Shari Hall

Chief Financial Officer & Development Director, Kingsbridge/Van Cortlandt
Short biography: 

Shari Hall, Program Assistant, joined KRVC in October 2008 with a public relations and marketing background. Ms. Hall currently manages the day-to-day operations of KRVC. A former Kingsbridge native who moved out of the area and then returned to Riverdale to raise her family of two daughters, Ms. Hall is very committed to our community.  Both of Ms. Hall’s daughters are PS 81 graduates.  In addition to her personal and nostalgic interest, Ms. Hall is also vested in revitalizing this neighborhood so it continues to be a viable place to live in the Bronx.  She believes that preservation and development of the local stores, businesses and schools are vital to the survival of any community.  Through the efforts of KRVC and like-minded organizations, she hopes we can obtain this goal.

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