Brush the Bronx is an innovative and exciting program launched by KRVC in the the fall of 2016. The goal of this program is to encourage community members to experience all the Bronx has to offer, to reflect on those experiences through the creative medium of their choice and to share their reflections with KRVC to help promote and develop this program.  The possibilities for this project are endless!  

Check out the details below:

Experience the Bronx - Enjoy all the great Bronx attractions such as the Bronx Zoo, Bronx Botanical Gardens, Van Cortlandt Park, City Island, Wave Hill and more.  Enjoy shopping, patronizing local businesses and dining in great Bronx restaurants.  Attend Bronx community events such as concerts, festivals, art exhibits and movies.

Reflect on your Favorite Bronx Experiences - Use the creative medium of your choice - painting, writing, sculpture, drawing, photography and more - to reflect upon your special and memorable Bronx experiences.

Share and Celebrate your Creative Expressions with KRVC - Brush the Bronx has endless possibilities, especially if we get widespread participation.  The community creations we collect will be used to boost this program and ultimately the Bronx through a variety of printed, online and live celebrations.  

Click here for submission guidelines and the release form.

Ultimately, our goal through this program is to reach tens of thousands of people and encourage them to experience all the Bronx has to offer.  We hope to formalize and expand Brush the Bronx through a multi-faceted promotion campaign and partnerships with schools, organizations, businesses and artists.  




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