KRVC Works

Thanks to a generous funding allocation from State Senator Jeff Klein, KRVC launched our new "Hire Local! Work Local!" jobs program for our community in 2016, which features the following components:

(1) Mix 'N Match Job Maker Events - KRVC will host a few events where we will invite community members interested in working local and business and organization reps interested in hiring local to come together for casual, social events where folks can network and do informal interviews. Our first one was a huge success! Click here for more.

(2) Job Readiness Workshops - KRVC will bring in local experts to offer workshops on resume writing, interviewing, cover letters, job research tips, time management, computer skills, etc.  Click here for more on our first workshop on Resume Writing.

(3) Online Jobs Bulletin Board  - KRVC maintains a list of local job openings and the resumes of local community members interested in local job opportunities and makes connections between potential employers and employees through this program.  

Click here for the job listings.

Click here for the resumes.

4) Local Consulting Gigs - under this program KRVC has hired interested local community members for short-term, part-time consulting work with KRVC with a goal to also match the community members with local businesses and organizations who would like to have FREE local, short-term, part-time help for a special project or seasonal busy time.  The program currenty has several participants and is essentially full.  However, we do anticipate some turnover and future openings. Please contact Holly Makin at if you are interested.  Terms packet can be linked here.