Halloween Party 2017

iOctober 31, 2017

KRVC hosted its second annual Halloween Party. There were no tricks just lots of treats for the over 175 children and their families who visited KRVC’s offices looking for Halloween fun! Thanks to State Senator Jeff Klein, every kid was given a special goodie bag with a coloring book and candy treats in addition to the loot bag filled with Halloween goodies given out by KRVC. Halloween revelers, dressed in fabulous costumes, were welcomed by the professional fortune teller in the tent set up on the street outside KRVC’s office. Much thanks to our generous sponsor C.A.L.F. Industries for bringing special spirit and sporty gifts for our trick or treaters as they entered the office which was decorated with pumpkins and ghosts and had spooky movies playing on the big screens. Once inside, Halloween tattoos were all the scream as guests made their way to the outdoor patio where thanks to one of KRVC’s biggest supporters, Bright Horizons, the children made Halloween art with pumpkin molds and paint. Special guest Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz made the event even more festive. The Halloween party was once again a huge success and everyone at KRVC is already looking forward to next year.