Support Riverfront Access for Riverdale!

iApril 09, 2014

Thousands of people turn out each year for Riverdale Riverfest!  This massive event is a true "Celebration of the River" in Riverdale.  The event features boat rides and a huge variety of riverfront programming.  The large attendance and widespread community support for this event also goes a long way toward demonstrating our community's desire for riverfront access.  However, if we truly want to realize and enjoy all the benefits of continuous riverfront access in our community, we need to do more.  Please help make this dream become realty by:

(1) Clicking here to complete a postcard.

(2) Clicking here to provide a quote or testimonial about why you would like to have riverfront access.  We want to collect these quotes and testimonials from children, seniors, business owners, community leaders and members.  Please include your name, age (if you are a kid!), title, business, organization, etc. at the end of your quote or testimonial. Longer testimonials may be shortened for some purposes.  Some quotes or testimonials may be featured in the upcoming special section in the Daily News "Experience Riverdale"  and others may be used on this website and in other aspects of the campaign to bring riverfront access to our community.

(3) Checking back here for more information as this campaign continues.