Go Green the Bronx

The purpose of KRVC’s “Go Green the Bronx” project is to reduce the generation of electricity in our community through the promotion of a range of energy efficiency survey and retrofit programs.  By reducing electricity generation, we can improve the air and water quality of our community, which will result in a healthier, cleaner environment for our residents. In partnership with Con Edison, KRVC has been working since 2010 to “green” businesses throughout our community. In June 2010, KRVC launched our program to promote energy efficiency audits throughout our community in a BIG WAY! Through a generous grant from Con Edison, KRVC held an Energy Efficiency Forum and breakfast attended by over sixty members of our community representing small businesses, co-op boards, Community Board 8, not-for profits and more. The Forum Speakers included Elyssa Rothe, Energy Smart Communities Coordinator, NYSERDA; Esteban Vasquez, Con Edison Energy Efficiency Program Manager; and Kate Shackford, BOEDC Executive Vice President. After the forum, KRVC’s focus was to promote the energy efficiency audits and surveys for all interested small businesses in our community.  We pounded the pavement with our “Go Green the Bronx” bags loaded with material to inform businesses of the benefits of energy efficiency surveys and retrofits. KRVC also supported other property owners interested in “going green.” In May 2011, KRVC partnered with Con Edison, Willdan and GreenLight to hold a special media event to celebrate the first several months of this innovative, successful program.  The event featured a “Go Green” retrofit of a local bike shop, United Spokes, performed by GreenLight. .  GreenLight performed a demonstration of their retrofit work for the event attendees and the media. The event also featured an energy efficiency survey of Ibiza Lounge, located across the street from United Spokes.  The survey was performed by Willdan and included a demonstration as well. Business owners who had previously received “Go Green” retrofits were in attendance at the May 2011 celebration including Ray Norberto, owner of the The Page Turner and President of the South Riverdale Avenue Merchants Association; Daniel Eudene, Executive Director of the Riverdale Neighborhood House; and Mitch Benus of the Young Israel Ohab Zedek. The purpose of the event was to further promote this great program while celebrating the impressive results it has achieved.  The following businesses are among those that received “Go Green” Retrofits:  BioChem, Cora Hardware, Familia’s Barber Shop, Jasper’s Italian Restaurant, John’s Botany Bay, Leila’s Chocolates, Magnum Comics and Cards, MaryAnn’s Irish Gift Shop, Riverdale Neighborhood House, Someplace Special, State Farm Insurance, The Page Turner and Young Israel Ohab Zedek.

Check out the files below for our go green report and press coverage.