Past Accomplishments (1981-2010)

The rest of this website focuses on  the work of KRVC since April 2010 when Tracy McCabe Shelton took over as Executive Director. However, KRVC was founded in 1981. The overall activities of KRVC were directed towards affordable housing programs and economic development activities from 1981-2010. KRVC produced new and rehabbed housing, provided housing management and rent-up and implemented home ownership programs. Through the formation of the Kingsbridge Business Improvement District (BID), KRVC made major strides in stabilizing the business district of Broadway and 231st Street, placing it in a position to increase consumers, attract new business and create jobs.  Other past notable achievements of KRVC include:  Obtaining a 19 year tax abatement for owner of an arson demolished property. This resulted in the opening of the first Walgreen's in NYC in twenty years;  Early ‘80’s program of public improvements including new sidewalks and lighting for 238th St. and Broadway and 231st St. Additional lighting improvements in late 90’s made a major impact on security in the business district; Storefront renovation, tree planting, streetscape design, parking analysis and planning; Processed housing loan programs and established low interest revolving loan program for replacing and upgrading building systems; Turned crime ridden municipal parking lot into twenty-four hour secured facility. More past highlights of KRVC include:  The development of a long range community plan - Year 2000 resulting in zoning revisions; Rehabilitation of abandoned apartment building into thriving well maintained residence; Construction of new three family homes for first time homebuyers; Construction of  54 unit low income tax credit apartment building which we manage; Assistance to tenants and property owners to preserve and improve housing conditions and protect tenant rights and strengthen property values; Graffiti removal projects resulting in a systematic program reducing graffiti, street lighting improvements, tree plantings and street beautification projects. KRVC also developed an analysis and planning guide for the Kingsbridge business district - Kingsbridge Business District Market and Needs Assessment. KRVC was a Local Program Administrator of HOME funds for down payment assistance for low and moderate income first time home buyers and provided counseling and workshops on home ownership and mortgage process, fiscal literacy, debt repair/reduction and asset accumulation. In 2009, KRVC was the lead coordinator of an Earth Day Event held in Van Cortlandt Park with participation from local community groups.  In the winter and early spring of 2010, KRVC worked on a proposal for a Pedestrian Plaza for four Sundays in the summer of 2010 on Johnson Avenue.