Please check out the resumes of these great local community members who are looking for work in our community.  Please note that the personal contact information for the job seekers is blocked out.  If you are interested in contacting any of these community members, please contact our Jobs Program Coordinator, Holly Makin, at  If you would like to post your resume on this page, please contact Holly Makin at  Please send two copies of your resume in PDF format - one with your contact details and one without your contact details so we can post this version.

Brian G, President of Gunning Fine Art:

Leah T, Medical Billing, Data Entry, Accounting:

William C, Resume,

Albert M L, Page 1, Published Writer/Lawyer,

Albert M L, Page 2, Published Writer/Lawyer,

Julie, K, Page 1 Digital Marketing/Bid Manager/Media Analyst,

Julie, K, Page 2 -

Smaah, S, Personal/Health Care Assistant and Customer Representative,

JUDITH, S, Design/Communications/Client Relations,

PATRICIA, P, Health and Wellness Professional, Assistant Director/Administrative Assistant,

COLLETTE H, Administrative and Customer Service Support

CAMILLA T, Project Manager and non-profit administrator


MICHELLE G, Educator, MS Special Education


SERGIO M, Support Specialist, Systems Administrator

SERGIO M, Page 2

ROSEMARIE D, Special Needs Educator

JASMINE A, Sales Associate/Assistant Manager

RACHEL T, Manager, Global Events Marketing

RACHEL T, Page 2

SEAN C, Production Manager/Sales

JOAN M, Teacher ESL/Administrative 

SHIRA S, Project Coordinator/Customer Service

SHIRA S, Page 2

ALEX RC, Building Maintenance/Shipping/Receiving

AMARISSA C, Student Intern, NYPIRG/Analyst

ANDREA S, Certified Home Health Aid

BERYL W, Customer Service Representative

CLAUDIA E, Administrative/Freelance Artist

ELYSE G, Administrative/Fitting Room Attendant

ESTER Q, Director of HR and Faculty Affairs

ESTER Q, page 2

GREGORY B, Assistant Sales Manager


JACK S, IT Manager/Community Liaison

JASON G, Writer and Blogger

JEANETTE FM, Adult Care Program Coordinator


KENY JF, Youth Care Worker/Intake Coordinator

KENY JF, Page 2

LISA W, Assistant Teacher/Office Assistant

LISA W, Page 2

MARCELL J, Usher/Cashier

ANA C, Translator (Eng/Sp)/Administrative Assistant Events Department

ANA C, Page 2

NATALIE R, Legal/Medical Office Billing/Adminstrative


ROBERT H, Health Care Executive/Business Development

ROBERT H, Page 2

ROBERT H, Page 3

LARAINE P, Program Associate/Office Manager

JANET BM, Assistant VP Finance/Accountant

DIANA V, Community Organizer/Events Planner/Manager

DIANA V, Page 2

DIANA V, Page 3

AIDA A, Skin Care Professional/Sales Consultant Page 1

AIDA, A, Page 2

AIDA A, Page 3
JONATHAN E, Administrative Assistant Page 1


MARIE B, Page 1

MARIE B, Page 2

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